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Hip Arthroscopy

Latest Advancements in Hip ArthroscopyWhen a professional athlete is injured, it is common to learn that he or she required a “knee scope to clean up the cartilage damage.” These procedures are common today and most patients don’t think twice about having one, but perhaps they should.

Hip arthroscopy is similar to the “knee scope” and other arthroscopic widely practiced procedures. However, the major difference comes with the tools used in the procedure and how they have to adapt to the deep ball and socket joint of the hip. As technology has progressed, so have both the instruments used for hip arthroscopy and the training and expertise of physicians. Dr. John Mays is the regional expert in hip arthroscopy, performing more than any surgeon in the area.

Dr. Mays inserts a scope as thin as a pencil into the hip joint through a small incision. Using the scope, he can visually inspect the joint to identify the source of pain. Through precise and delicate maneuvers, the hip imperfections can be trimmed, shaved, smoothed or sutured. Recovery is typically very quick and most patients will return home the day of surgery.